Omaha Progressive Board: 24/7

How it works

Starting in October we will be doing a progressive board 24 hours a day, every day of the week on the all live Omaha games!

The progressive board will start with eight spots. Each day they board will have 8 combinations of cards to hit.  All possible combinations will start with $40 and increase by $40 each day at midnight.  If the combination is hit, the spot will go to $0 and increase to $40 at Midnight.

Combinations: Flopped Red Royal, Flopped Black Royal, Flopped Red Straight Flush, Flopped Black Straight Flush, Post-Flop Red Royal, Post-Flop Black Royal, Post-Flop Red St. Flush, Post-Flop Black St. Flush

Only games that are actively dealing standard 4 card Omaha high or high/low qualify.  Flopped combinations must use all three cards from the flop and two in the player’s hand.  Post flopped combinations must contain a turn or river card in the combination.   In a rare circumstance, a player may flop a winning combination but end up having a second, post-flop, combination.  In that circumstance, the player will only win one prize but it will be the higher of the two.