The Great MN Poker Tournament

Events Run August 17-25, 2019

The Great MN Poker Tournament Main Event features $150 Buy-in for 10,000 in chips, optional $10 Staff Appreciation add-on for 10k in chips, and an optional $50 Stack Builder add-on for 20k in chips.

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Main Event

$150 Buy-in / 10k in Chips / 20 Minute Blinds
$50,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Day 1a: Wednesday, August 21 at 6pm
Day 1b: Thursday, August 22 at 6pm
Day 1c: Friday, August 23 at 10am
Day 1d: Friday, August 23 at 6pm
Day 1e: Saturday, August 24 at 10am
Day 1f: Saturday, August 24 at 4pm
Day 2: Sunday, August 25 at Noon

Entry and up to 4 re-entries available until the end of the 2nd break (+/- 3 hours). Each flight plays levels 1-19 and features 20 minute blinds. Day 2 starts on level 20 and features 25 minute blind levels until 27 players remain; we will play from 40 to 27 before we break another table.  At that point seats will be redrawn.  Play will resume nine-handed and feature 30 minute levels. *Tables do NOT break at 30 players - play straight to 27, then break 4th table and complete redraw.

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Best Stack Forward

Players can play multiple flights if they so desire.  If a player bags multiple times, they will take their biggest chip stack forward into Sunday; the smaller chip stacks are forfeited.  If a player gets multiple stacks thru, their smaller stacks will be exchanged for an entry into a future $150 Double Stack event of their choice.  This bonus entry does not come out of the prize pool!

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$50 Stack Builder Add-on:
Add-on available once per entry, redeemed at the table.  Players will receive a chip at entry; this chip and $50 cash can be redeemed at the table for an additional 20K in chips.  Chip must be redeemed before the start of the hand to be eligible for that particular hand.  If a player busts and wants to redeem the chip they must do so before the start of the next hand.

$10 Staff Appreciation Add-on:
Optional add-on for 10,000 in chips at entry point

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Available until the end of the 1st break for Qualifiers (+/- 2 hours).  Entry and up to 4 re-entries available until the end of the 2nd break for Main Events (+/- 3 hours).  Available for all other (daily) events until the end of the 1st break (+/- 1.5  - 2 hours).

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Questions? Please visit the tournament desk or call 651-925-4507

Main Event buy-in: $125 + $25 ($125 to prize pool/$25 entry fee). Prize pool/entry fee splits are referenced in this manner.  Optional stack builder add-on: $40 + $10 ($40 to prize pool/$10 entry fee). Any Optional $10 staff appreciation add-ons will be paid to all tournament staff.  Events with (*) will have 3% withheld for tournament jackpots and other tournament promotions.  Your participation in these events gives permission for Running Aces to use your name and or likeness in promotional material.  Please see monthly calendar for all up-to-date scheduling.  Running Aces Casino & Racetrack reserves the right to cancel or modify these promotions at any time.  We follow TDA rules and Prize Pool Percentage Payout formats are available upon request.  Running Aces supports responsible gaming.

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