$280 Hallow-Scream Main Event Day 1c: 10am

Hallow-Scream Main Event
$280 Buy-In | 15k/20k in Chips | 30 Min. Blinds*

Day 1a: Wednesday, October 24: 6pm
Day 1b: Thursday, October 25: 6pm
Day 1c: Friday, October 26: 10am
Day 1d: Friday, October 26: 6pm
Day 1e: Saturday, October 27: 10am
Day 1f: Saturday, October 27: 4pm
Day 2: Sunday, October 28: Noon

Entry and up to 2 re-entries available until the end of the 2nd break (+/- 4 hours). Each flight plays levels 1-16. *Day 2 starts on level 17 and features 30 minute blind levels until 27 players remain. At that point seats will be redrawn. Play will resume nine-handed and feature 40 minute levels.