Quads Board with Envy Bonus

Quads Board
There will be 13 combinations of quads on the board, the first player to hit each combination on the board will receive $50. Once a prize is hit, that combination will be removed from the board. 
Envy Bonus Splash Pots
All current tables in operation will receive a $25 envy bonus splash pot whenever a player hits a combination. If all of the combinations hit in a day, the final combination will pay double on the payout and the splash pots.  
The board will reset each day at 2am. Hold’em and Omaha qualify for this promotion. Both games require two hole cards to be used, Omaha requires the combination to hit on the flop. If two players hit the same combination at the same time, the winner will be at the table that started the deal first. Running Aces reserves all rights to change or modify this promotion at any time.